What is Lassifay Premium TPE 2.0?

Lassifay is a new TPE-Material, that has been developed by doll4me in Germany. 

It is a high-quality product without any inherent odour. 

Lassifay contains far less oil than other manufacturers‘ materials, which means that no powder needs to be applied to dolls containing Lassifay TPE Premium 2.0 material in order to reach a sensation of real skin. Tests we conducted showed that other manufacturers‘ dolls contain up to  4 x more oil than is the case with our material Lassifay. 

Our love dolls offer more detailed body proportions, which makes the doll feel more life-like. 

Thanks to an accurate moulding, the Lassifay TPE-series comes with a realistically shaped female vagina. 

All Lassifay models were designed and developed by doll4me in Germany. 

The Lassifay models’ make-up is like permanent make-up and therefore completely waterproof and durable. 

These features make Lassifay the perfect material for your sex doll.