Trump can pack up – Sex Dolls are the true new Twitter Stars!

16.11.2017 08:49
Love Doll at a picnic

Anya is a child of nature and enjoys hanging out in her track pants at home. From time to time she likes dressing up in some fantasy heroine’s outfit, for instance from a movie.

Venelope on the other hand likes it airy and loves relaxing in the nude.

No … These aren’t IT Girls, they aren’t even real women but sex dolls presenting themselves on Twitter.

Their owners regularly tweet a few hot pictures and a few lines on the dolls‘ lives. Surprisingly many people find this interesting and follow the tweets, so more and more such profiles are popping up on the Internet.

The girls are called Lucy, Laura, Erene, like to show themselves in sexy poses, inviting, dressed up in lingerie – and they have hundreds of followers.

Sex dolls enjoying sex doesn’t come as a surprise. But even when they aren’t at it, they keep active. One likes to play with guns, another loves her quad bike. Some of them even have regular jobs and check fences at their farm.

By the way – these love dolls don’t resemble anything like the squeaky blow-up dolls you might encounter at some guys‘ buck’s night. On the contrary: They are well-crafted, luxurious dolls called Real Lovedolls, because they are incredibly life-like. They are made of material that feels realistic and skin-like. Often real porn stars are recreated in these dolls (in Asian countries often Manga characters).