The History of Love Dolls (Sex Dolls) – Where Did They Originate?

10.10.2017 16:20
The History of Lovedolls

The History of Sex Dolls – Where Did They Originate?

1700s – Dutch Seamen invent sex dolls as playmates for long journeys across the world’s oceans, these first dolls are made of clothes. 

The Dutch sell some of the dolls to the Japanese, which is why sex dolls are still called “Dutch women“ today.

1930s – Nazi-Germany starts the first sex doll production during World War II

1950s – The first lifesize sex doll is made in Japan. Dolls are made from fabric, vinyl or silicon. Silicon is viewed as a superb high-end material and is still quite rare back then.

1992 – The love dolls’ appearance improves dramatically. Two main brands dominate the market USA – RealDoll in Japan - OrienDoll. Both companies produce silicon dolls for their respective markets.

2000 - 2008 – The birth of the Internet makes purchasing sex dolls discreetly online so much easier – demand from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand grows, because customers can now buy dolls from the USA and Japan.

2010 – The first Chinese sex doll is made and sold under the brand name DS Doll. Thanks to a joint venture with the Japanese it is very successful after just a short time.

2005-2013 – A few European brands appear, mainly in Germany and France. All of them, including the U.S. and Japanese brands are high-end with dolls costing over USD 8,000.

2014 – China is facing a huge problem – there is an undersupply of women. The first generation of China’s One-Child-Policy with its preference of male children has created the massive problem of gender imbalance. Young men in their twenties are struggling to find a woman and create a huge demand for sex dolls.

2014 – The economic law of demand and supply comes into effective. The number of Chinese producers grows, mainly because they have good production skills.

WM Dolls was a pioneer in the introduction of TPE and could produce and sell the dolls not only cheaper but also more lifelike than ever before.

2015 – The success of the WM-sex dolls is growing, and the industry altogether is increasing by many other Chinese manufacturers, including 6YE Premium Doll, Z-On-Doll, JY-Doll and Dollhouse 168. The growth of the Chinese manufacturers tells a story, but the pricing of the products mostly exceeded the financial resources of interested customers. The demand for European sex dolls decreases even further and many European manufacturers of love dolls close.

2016 - Doll4me develops a new TPE material called Lassiefay, which is odourless and contains 4x less oil. Lassiefay also offers a much longer life expectancy than currently available standard TPE material. And better yet - Lassiefay Premium TPE Material is also much more realistic regarding body shape and offers more details – the vaginal molds for instance have been created after vaginal molds of real women! Discover Lassiefay now, only original by doll4me!

2016 - Sexbot by doll4me becomes the new thing. RealDoll invents it creating sex dolls equipped with artificial intelligence. However, the technology is still very new and the price of these dolls exceeds $ 5.000.

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