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What Exactly Is a real Love Doll?

A Real Doll, also referred to as Real sex Doll, is a sex doll. However, real life Love Dolls should not be compared to inflatable sex dolls. Love Dolls are high-quality sex dolls that are very realistic and life-like. Depending on the model, these Real Sex Doll are made from Premium TPE, thermoplastic elastomers, or from silicone.

A Love Doll that is of high quality material feels extremely realistic and humanlike. In fact, it is almost impossible to tell a difference between a Real life Doll?s skin and that of a real person. The appearance of Sex Doll is very similar to real people and Love Dolls can be just as tall as humans and have a similar weight as well. The skeleton of a Sex Doll is made from various metal parts and resembles that of a human being.

Which Types of real Love Dolls Exist?

If you are thinking about buying a Real Doll, you have to consider the material that the Sex doll is made from. Silicone and Premium TPE, thermoplastic elastomers, are safe materials and are therefore harmless. When choosing a Real Doll, you have to weigh the advantages of the material that is used in your potential Love Doll against the disadvantages. For example, silicone is firmer that Premium TPE. That might not make any difference for one person but is an exclusion criterion for someone else.

Love Dolls are supposed to appear very natural and life-like and since silicone and Premium TPE are great materials for creating a realistic Doll, these two materials are used in the production of Love Dolls. Furthermore, silicone and Premium TPE feel silky-smooth and incredibly similar to real human skin. This makes the Real Sex Doll skin and body orifices seem extremely realistic. And because these two materials are safe, you do not have to worry about any health risks.

Both silicone as well as Premium TPE are known to be hypoallergenic materials. This means that they do not cause any allergies. In addition to this, direct contact with the skin is completely harmless from a medical point of view. All of our Sex Dolls are tested by an independent German company. This company makes sure that the dolls conform to RoHS Directive, which means that they are safe for humans.

The biggest difference between silicone and Premium TPE is the price. The production of Love Dolls made from silicone is more time-consuming, resulting in slightly higher price.

The Feeling

Tests and Reviews of Real Love Dolls

One of the deciding factors in the selection of a Real Love Sex Dolls is how the doll feels when you touch it. After all, like the name suggests, Real Dolls are supposed to feel very natural and human-like. In a direct comparison between silicone and Premium TPE Love Dolls, the latter is the huge winner. Since Premium TPE is more porous and thus less dense that silicone, a Premium TPE Sex Doll feels more natural and realistic.

Another advantage of Premium TPE are its heat-retaining properties. A Love Doll made from silicone is often cold and does not feel as life-like. This is not the case for Premium TPE models. The skin and orifices of blow up dolls made from Premium TPE are warmer.

In both material it can happen that the Love Doll is slightly ?sticky?. However, that is completely normal and no cause for concern; it does not mean that there are any faults in the material. Real Sex Dolls need to be cleaned regularly. It is a little bit easier to clean a Love Doll made from silicon. The difference in cleaning is very minor though.

Premium TPE is much more flexible than silicone and moving the Real life Dolls into your desired position is therefore much easier. Love Dolls made from Premium TPE are thus much more movable than Sex Dolls made from silicone. When it comes to smell, however, silicone models are the winner since they do not smell of anything. At the beginning, Premium TPE Dolls have a slight plastic smell. This smell will go away after you have used your Love Doll a couple of times. Then the Real life dolls does not smell of anything anymore.

To sum up, one material does not outweigh the other. Both materials are of high quality and completely safe for humans. When it comes to selecting a Sex Dolls, you have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both materials, think about what you would like your Love Doll to feel like and take a decision.