Sex Doll Rentals: Chinese Company has “Shared Girlfriend” on Offer

15.11.2017 11:56

Lovedoll from China - Wunderful WomanChina's decade-long one-child policy has led to a male surplus in the country. The Chinese company Touch now offers sex dolls for lease to fulfil the erotic needs of lonely men. After use, the dolls are passed on to the next customer. On offer are Chinese, Russian and Korean Love Dolls as well as a kind of "Wonder Woman" with sword and shield. The sex dolls can be ordered via smartphone app and can be used for up to a week.

Amazing Girl - She looks like a russianTouch is based in the south-eastern Chinese city of Xiamen and offers the love doll for lease in Beijing. The dolls are life-size, and the customer can choose their outfit and hairstyle as well as kinky accessories such as handcuffs or a whip. On request, the dolls can even be warmed up before delivery.

A night with the "Shared Girlfriend" only sets you back 298 yuan (about 38 euros or 45 GBP) to book, but a hefty deposit of over 1000 euros (880 GBP) must be left as security.

The company claims that the dolls feel like "real people". "They have perfect bodies, are completely obedient and meet the needs of single men."

For hygienic reasons, the doll can be disassembled, and the abdomen can be taken off. It is also possible to reorder just a new upper body. Touch plans to extend its offer after the Beijing test phase to the rest of China.