Sensation "Real Sexdolls" – exclusive custom-made love dolls

13.08.2017 13:14
Sensation Real Sexdolls

A company from Tauberbischofsheim brings the popular Real Sexolls to Europe and provides a personalization offer for a very special highlight: The dream woman from TPE is made according to the individual wishes of the customer.

Tauberbischofsheim, 13.08.2017 - They are movable from head to toe, even right down to the fingertips. They are mysterious, playful, mystical, penetrating, or gentle. They are blonde, brunette, black-haired, with lavish décolleté or with small breasts. In China the luxury dolls have long been a trend and the little secret of men who love the very special adventure - Real Lovedolls, the deceptively real-looking dream women of TPE. A company from Tauberbischofsheim has adopted this trend and is now bringing these special dolls to Europe.

"The Real Loveolls have now received a significantly higher value than their original counterparts," says Kevin Almatinger, Managing Director of PDSM Dolls4me UG. "The dolls are created by talented designers and well-known model builders with great attention to detail and are subject to constant development. Through the processing of the latest technology and high-quality material, every doll is hand-crafted a genuine work of art. Each hair strand, every skin fold, every eyelash, every nail varnish is crafted in detail, so that in the end a life-loving woman emerges. "

But what exactly do these special dolls make so life-like and what gives them the certain something? Almatinger knows the secret of the success of the luxury dolls and explains:

"The processing of the materials for the production of the dolls takes place at the highest level and under strict quality control. Unlike the classic silicone, the TPE material (thermoplastic elastomers) is a plastic which is flexible and deformable at room temperature or under heat supply. The surface feels like real skin. A skeletal-like design, which even has functioning joints, ensures a realistic movement device. Head, legs, arms, hands and fingers are flexible in movement and can be moved to the desired position with simple hand movements. The best prerequisites for an emotional approach. These qualities are now standard in the processing of our dolls."

Almatinger is not content with standards, but offers its customers a very special service - the personalized Real Lovedoll.

Everyone has his own personal idea of his own dream woman. Somebody prefers a certain body size, eye or hair color. The 28-year-old explains: "Through the close cooperation with the manufacturers, we are able to implement all these very personal wishes and customized ideas. The customer does not have to compromise, but receives a love doll, which is precisely adapted to him and his personal preferences. The personalization is completely uncomplicated and takes place online. When choosing our dolls in the shop, the customer has the possibility to personalize the Real Lovedoll with the help of an online configurator. This service is unique and is offered exclusively in Europe by us. The personalized doll is still a dream for many, which we can actually fulfill. "

And this dream can be fulfilled very quickly. The Doll4me team works hand in hand in a well-functioning network so that between order, manufacturing and express delivery to the customer is often even less than 15 days.

To the quality question, the entrepreneur promises: "We attach great importance to the highest quality. Therefore the production of our real lovedolls in China is checked by our agents at sampling intervals. We regularly examine the material and processing. We also disassociate ourselves from Dropshipping. With us, no doll goes to the customer unchecked. Each Real Sexdoll is checked by our agent on site for the quality and correctness of the specific customer order before the dispatch to Germany. Only when they give the green light, the doll is sent to our camp in Germany. There, the Real Lovedoll is personally received by us and again checked by our employees for quality or damage. Only perfect works leave our warehouse and go to our customers all over Europe.

The Doll4me team promises that in the future the further development of the models will be based on the latest technologies. The focus will also be on the development of artificial intelligence.

For skeptical customers, Kevin Almatinger offers the possibility to preview the dolls before ordering. In order to get a picture of the quality, the company offers Showrooms in the heart of Berlin and in Tauberbischofsheim.

About PDSM Doll4me:

The PDSM Doll4me was founded in 2016 by Kevin Almatinger. Since then, the company has successfully established itself on the market of lifelike dolls and distributes popular dolls globally.