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Material Sample - Real life Dolls Test our High-Quality Materials Yourself

When it comes to choosing the material your love doll should be made from, you are spoilt for choice. There's no clear winner, since all of the materials we use in the production of our realistic sex dolls are of the highest quality.

Because we do not want to sell you a pig in a poke, you can test the high-quality of our materials yourself and order your very own realistic sex doll afterwards.

In order for everyone to find the perfect product, we offer love dolls made from the following materials: silicone, Premium TPE Sex Doll and Lassiefay Premium TPE Love Doll. You can test our materials yourself before inviting your new girlfriend or boyfriend to your home.

The "TPE" in Premium TPE Sex Doll stands for thermoplastic elastomers. This material is a new type of plastic that was developed to resemble the human skin as close as possible. And these efforts were successful because our realistic sex dolls, female as well as male sex dolls, made from Premium TPE feel very soft and natural. Telling a difference between real skin and the skin of our love dolls made from Premium TPE Sex Doll is really difficult because they are just so similar.

Lassiefay Premium TPE Love Doll, the material we developed, will also convince you. This Premium TPE Silicone Sex Doll material feels even more realistic and lifelike.

Order a material sample and try out our high-quality materials for yourself. But be warned, once you get a hold of the material sample you will want to order your own realistic sex doll right away.