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Lubes - Real Sex Dolls more fun

Using the right lube can make all the difference and turn an amazing experience into an even more exciting adventure. We offer a wide selection of different lubes and we are confident that you and your partner or you and your realistic sex doll will find the perfect lube for you.

Whether you are looking for a sensual adventure or you are looking for a thrilling sensation, we offer everything the heart desires. You can decide between various high-quality lubes to make your sex life even more exciting.

Most of our lubes are water-based. These water-based lubes are perfect for use with our realistic sex dolls. You should only use water-based lube with our sex dolls, since other materials can damage the material our love dolls are made from. After all, you do not want your realistic sex doll to suffer unnecessary harm. We also recommend using water-based lube with your sex toys. The water-based lubes we offer on our website have been chosen specifically to be used with our high-quality realistic sex dolls. In the product description of each product you can find out whether the lube you are looking at is water-based and can be used with our love dolls.

Apart from water-based lube, we also offer non-water-based lubes. You know best, for what purpose you want to use lube.

Why don't you just have a look around and find the perfect lube for you?