Love Dolls – What Exactly Are They?

04.05.2018 14:14

Anastasia - That's a real dollLove dolls, or real dolls, are realistic dolls that are made to resemble real humans.
Although most love dolls look like women, more and more male love dolls are being produced. Usually, realistic sex dolls are made from high-quality silicone or Premium TPE. Premium TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers. This material is a new type of plastic that is perfect in the production of love dolls because it feels silky-smooth and is thus almost indistinguishable from real human skin. Silicone is another material that is often used in the production of love dolls since it feels also incredibly realistic.
It is a fact that most love dolls are used as realistic sex dolls. Because they are so natural, users are in for a unique experience that simply cannot be recreated with regular sex toys. However, real dolls are not only made to be used by one single person. Couples can enjoy the company of a love dolls just as much and spice up their love life in this way. Realistic dolls do not necessarily belong in the bedroom. Thanks to their realistic appearance, they are perfect mannequins in shop windows and are also perfect models in photoshoots. Realistic dolls are very versatile.

Are Sex Dolls and Love Dolls the Same?

When you think about the word ‘sex doll’ you might immediately associate it with blow-up sex dolls. However, love dolls should not be compared to blow-up dolls. Real dolls are handmade from high-quality materials and are often designed specifically for a customer to suit his or her expectations. The first difference between blow-up sex dolls and love dolls is their appearance. Love dolls look so much more realistic and life-like than blow-up dolls. Furthermore, a love doll feels completely different in all aspects. With a realistic doll, you often cannot tell a difference between reality and love doll and it is easy to forget that you are not with an actual human in this moment.

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