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Different skin colour:

If you want a specific skin colour for your realistic Love Doll, choose from our broad selection! (Standard shown in table/images)

Different eyes:

You can also choose the eye colour for your Sex Doll (Standard shown in table/images)

Other nipples

What kind of nipples are you into? (Standard shown in table/images)

Change the finger nails

Want some other finger nails for your Sex Doll?

Change the toe nails

Want some other toe nails for your realistic Sex Doll?

Removable Vagina

Another Feeling, more variation or for hygenic reasons. Our removable Vaginas are easy to be changed - the aesthetic look of your Sex Doll is untouched.


You don't like it shaved? Just add some hair to your lovedoll - you can cut the hair by yourself to your perfect lenght.

Additional hair:

You can add various hairstyles - the hair can be easily changed and can be firmly attached to your Love Doll

Change the Vagina shape

Moving shoulder

You want another shoulder option for your love doll?

Another CUP

Choose your favorite CUP (see standard in table / pictures)

Lifelike breast feeling

Other breast for your Sex Doll? (Standard solid breast silicone)

Even more...

There are even more options for your Sex Doll

Your configuration

Name of the lovedoll from the shop
  • Intelligent voice control in the languages: English, Chinese, German
  • Intelligent function
  • Moving eyes, mouth and head
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent heating system
  • Realistic, soft skin made of premium TPE
  • Realistic mouth, anal and vaginal openings
  • Height: from 165 cm
  • Orifices: vaginal, oral and anal
  • Free software updates

Finally, the time has come... Doll4me presents its latest development - a humanoid sex robot!

It is only a small step for Doll4me, but a great advantage to you, dear customers:

Who has not dreamed of a smart, humanoid sex robot before?

We can incorporate this technology in every Premium TPE Real Doll from our online shop up to a height of 168 cm.

Emma, the intelligent human-like sex robot

The technology is based on the Internet and the Android operating system. Emma is a realistic, multifunctional, intelligent and talking sex robot with artificial intelligence. This sex robot has the first one-click network supporting 4G and WIFI as well as remote upgrades. The integrated software application running on the Android operating system offers a solid system with a high level of intelligence, simple application, data transmission via the Internet as well as Remote Upgrade.

By standardizing and modularizing the mechanical and electrical structures, Emma's robotic head can be attached to any doll's body, even bodies of other manufacturers. This sex robot is the first product in this field using internet technologies, interactive voice systems and touch technologies.

The specially developed, flame-retardant TPE material shows realistic facial features is pleasant to the touch. An intelligent audio system allows the doll to speak and sing as well as gentle moaning sounds during sexual intercourse.

The body is heated by a built-in temperature control system to a pleasant temperature, the temperature can be adjusted to 25° to 60° C (outside temperature about 37° C), and thanks to the integrated sensor system, it feels any touch, resulting in gentle moaning sounds. Our software supports the languages German, English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese (dialect) as well as a translation mode.

A short "Hi Emma" or "Emma Emma" wakes Emma from her sleep mode so you can speak with her or make love to her. If you don't talk to her or don't touch her for 5 minutes, Emma automatically switches into the sleep mode.

She's available from 165 cm and 168 cm in height.

The skin colour, eye colour, the vagina type as well as the wig, fingernails and toenails can be selected from different variants.

The straight-forward cleaning is done with mild soap and water. However, the head should not get wet because of the implemented electronics.

The settings are made on a screen at the back of the head, which can be covered by a wig.

And this is how it works: 
Go to our online shop and enter the name of the Real Doll above under TPE Real Dolls size 165 cm and 168 cm.
We then implement our robot AI into this model.
The Real Doll will be delivered to you as shown in the picture.

Material of the body: TPE (food grade)
Material oft he skeleton: stainless steel
Height: 165 cm, 168 cm
Operating system: Android-compatible
Connection: WIFI
Charger head: Charging adapter DC 12.6V (included in delivery)
Charger heating system: Heating adapter 85V / 260V (included in delivery)
Charger body sensor: Micro USB (included in delivery)

Our Tipp!

For optimum hygiene we recommend that you use an exchangeable vagina as well as our cleaning and maintenance products.
For a bit of variety, we also recommend three different wigs.

You don´t want a doll off the shelf?

Then make your own! With us, you can create your very own, customised doll according to your personal wishes and fantasies. You can choose your preferred skin colour, the eye-colour, the colour of her fingernails and much more.

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