Japanese man leaves wife for sex doll

16.11.2017 09:06

Tokyo -

Josie wants to go shopping"She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t complain. She’S there for me, when I need someone. She’s not after my money, she just listens to me."

Isn’t it wonderful how this man describes his partner! Only that he’s not talking about a real woman of flesh and blood, but a sex doll!

The 61-year-old Japanese man Senji Nakajima from Tokyo describes his love doll Saori with these words. He's been living with the Love Doll in a tiny Tokyo apartment for six years.

Love width Sex DollOfficially, the businessman is still married to his wife whom he has two children with. As it happens so often, love and passion disappeared at some point in the relationship. In order to feel like a real man and also to have sex again, Senji purchased his playmate Saori on the Internet. Standing 1.60 m tall, the sex doll is as tall as a real woman and costs the equivalent of 3,000 Euro.

Senji loves Saori, he gives her a shower every morning and buys her new clothes regularly. Occasionally he makes excursions with her. Saori sleeps in bed with him, but sex has its importance over the years. "I like the feeling that there is someone who needs me," says the 61-year-old.