Is it cheating when you use a sex doll in a relationship?

10.07.2018 09:04

Parrys - Sex width love dollsUnlike a few years ago, it nowadays is the aim to produce more realistic sex dolls who look like real women, to increase sexual pleasure. The times of inflatable plastic is gone, having sex with those kind of dolls has not been that much of a great experience.

Due to the great demand and production improvements, manufacturers have created dolls who can react to touches and are even able to have short conversations with you – a nice fact, especially while having sex.

Like every other invention, the improvement of sex dolls has fans and people who do not like it at all. People who think they are great clearly see the advantage compared to real women. Sex dolls are quite when you want them to, they have to be cleaned regularly and are less complicated than a wife or a girlfriend. The other part has the opinion that sex dolls may support pedophilia or that men may start to expect the same submissive behaviour from real women. They think that ethical boundaries may disappear and that this behaviour would not only stay in a phantasy world with sex dolls.

Now, let's focus on the question, if using a sex doll is cheating:

We think that this depends on many different factors, for instance, on what kind of relationship you and your partner have. Always remember: You do not buy a sex doll for a one time experience, so talk with your girlfriend before you invest in a sex doll. Maybe you can convince her about the positive side effects, using a sex doll can improve both of your sex lifes and even your marriage.

Everyone has a different opinion about the question, when cheating begins. In general, everything that hurts your partner and is not acceptable for him, is not okay. If your wife agrees that you are having a sex doll, then you have got all things settled for the future. Keeping the sex doll a secret or hiding her will cause problems and hurt your partner if he finds out. That clearly belongs to the category „not acceptable“.

Look at her butt, would your wife be jealous?

Sex dolls are not real, they are unable to develop feelings like pity, love or passion. For this reason, you cannot compare sex with them to the sexual experience you have with a real woman. Sex dolls are used for sexual satisfaction, and this is not cheating if you do it with a thing. In fact, many people compare it with women who use vibrators to have fun. And this isn't cheating either, right?

Did a person seperate from his partner? Aren't there any sexual or emotional feelings anymore? Is the partner never home? Does one of them suffer from a disease? Is the wife pregnant? All in all, it always depends on the question, why someone wants to invest in a sex doll.