Interesting facts

The Premium TPE Real Doll

The inner core of each Premium TPE Doll consists of a high-quality stainless steel skeleton, which has various mechanical parts. Thus, human postures and movements can be imitated as real as possible. Because of this unique way, Real Dolls are geniusly designed to take poses for taking pictures. The material surrounding each metal skeleton is made of high-quality polymer silicone rubber, abbreviated TPE. This material is very close to human skin. Combined with the body, which can be used flexibly by the metal skeleton, an inconceivably soft skin is produced.

The life-size Premium Real Doll is a kind of human model with identical dimensions of a real person. You can change the clothes and hairstyle of a doll as is possible with a real person. Our Real Premium Dolls are ideal for various purposes: As fashion models, for fashion exhibitions, shop window decorations, for Real Doll lovers and, of course, for the ultimate sexual intercourse! All doll bodies are made by professional model builders. The forms of the dolls are reproductions of professional female models. Each head is produced with great love for detail. The variety of different styles offers a wide range for every taste.

How do I find the right Real Doll for me?

Finding the right Real Doll depends on the purpose for which it is used.

This decision can only be made by you. Each type of person has his own preferences, his own taste and character, which makes him something unique. This is what makes us people. This is also the case with our Real Dolls. Each individual Doll has its own individuality, which makes it something special.