How safe are sex dolls? Important safety instructions:

30.06.2018 13:35

safety instructions for lifelike sex dollsThe sex doll industry has experienced an enormous growth in the last couple of years. In the past, sex dolls were regarded as a taboo and people were quickly stigmatized if others found out about their preferences. However, more and more people do not care about what other people think, this can be seen clearly when you have a look at the increasing number of sales. Our society has changed, nowadays there is a bigger acceptance if people try new things in their bedroom.
Howard Stern contributed to this development when he ordered a realistic sex doll in the 1990s and had actual sex with her in his show. This was a time when the use of sex dolls had been strongly criticized and he was one of the first ones to stress that people do not have to be ashamed.

After this, the look of the dolls kept on changing, they were improved from inflatable subjects to very realistic women. Manufacturers began to work mainly with silicone and TPE materials. Today, buyers can even have conversations with their dolls, a really magnificent development. They are able to react appropriately, even in different situations.

We really cannot ignore the great changes over the years:

They are an ideal alternative to affairs and relations with real women. If feelings have changed and  sexual desire has decreased,  men have a similar option like women, they can use a sex toy. There is no need to cheat on a girlfriend when you can have fun with a woman who is not real but great looking as well.

Sex dolls are completely new articles if they are bought and there is definitely no risk to get an infection with a sexually transmitted disease. Besides, a sex doll always is submissive, the man has full control over her. Today there is a sex doll for every personal preference, no matter if you like blonde, brunette, slim or women with big breasts, everything is possible.

Do not underestimate the already mentioned health aspect, you can enjoy sex with a completely real looking woman and the security that no infections can follow.

How can you ensure this?

You should always check some facts when you buy a sex doll: The quality of the product, the design, as well as the materials which were used during the production process. Sex dolls are produced according to high standards, nevertheless it is important to pay attention to where and by whom the product has been produced.

The best thing is to buy only at recommended shops, and take a look at the customer reviews, other people's experiences can often be very helpful. Keep in mind that good sex dolls are expensive, high-quality products cost more than low quality mass-produced things.  Recommended products are those which are made from silicone and TPE-materials, they can be cleaned easily and do not lead to skin problems when you use it.

The skeleton of a good sex doll is upholstered, so that you cannot get injured. Of course, those dolls do have a certain weight because of their real appearance. If you keep our instructions in mind and clean your doll on a regular basis, you will have fun with her for a long time!