How to take care of your love doll

25.04.2018 14:14

Love doll care-kitHygiene and cleanliness are very important in many areas. Especially, when it comes to the human body, hygiene is essential in order to stay healthy. Since sex toys come into direct contact with the body, proper hygiene is vital.

Why do you have to clean your love doll?

Just like any other sex toy, realistic love dolls have to be cleaned regularly. After all, who wants to lay next to a dirty love doll? The next time is even more fun if your girlfriend is squeaky clean and like new. But not only is the overall hygiene of your love doll guaranteed when cleaned properly, you can extend your love doll’s life by a couple of years if you take good care of her. We offer you helpful tips and tricks with which you can easily keep your realistic sex doll in tip-top shape.

How to clean your love doll properly

Cleaning your realistic love doll is not difficult. On our website you can find a huge selection of products with which you can clean your high-quality realistic love doll. All products were chosen by us specifically for our love dolls.

We recommend cleaning your love doll thoroughly after every use. Simply use some lukewarm water and a sex toy cleaner as well as some cleaning wipes. Spray some of the sex toy cleaner on your love doll and then wipe her down with a cleaning wipe.

Furthermore, you have to pay close attention when it comes to cleaning the openings of your doll. Since it can sometimes be difficult to clean the love doll’s openings, we recommend using a vaginal douche. This vaginal douche can also be used for all other openings. Simply fill some lukewarm water in the bottle along with some sex toy cleaner. Then insert the vaginal douche into the doll’s opening and lightly squeeze to rinse out and clean your doll in no time.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your realistic sex doll, just let her airdry. Make sure she is fully dry and then use some latex powder to keep her skin silky-smooth.

Is there anything else you can do to take care of your doll?

Vegan lubeIn order for you not to damage the high-quality material your love doll is made from, we recommend using only water-based lube. This lube does not harm the material and you can therefore enjoy yourself without having to worry at all. On our website you can find a huge selection of different lubes.

Using a removable vagina insert has two main benefits. Firstly, cleaning your love doll is much easier and secondly, you can extent the life of your doll. A removable vagina insert can simply be inserted into the opening of your love doll and then it sits tightly until you remove it for cleaning. You can clean it just like any other fixed opening.
Comb your realistic sex doll’s hair regularly to ensure that she has no tangles and always looks presentable.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you take proper care of your realistic sex doll and hope you enjoy your time with your doll.