How can handicapped people improve their sex life?

25.07.2018 16:59

Did you know that about 10% of the world population are people with a disability? In developing countries this number is even higher than in industrial states,  25% of the population is suffering from at least one kind of impairment. In general, women are more often affected by invalidity than men. 

In the next few years, the problem of invalidity will even increase according to the development program of the United Nations, more and more elder people will not be able to work because of physical problems. This is just one of the reasons why invalidity rises worldwide:

Increasing age affects people physically and weakens them in various ways. But also other reasons, like hunger and lacking health precaution, particularly in developing countries, leads to a rising number of illnesses and disabilities. Numerous wars across the globe lead to awful results, especially children are suffering from those consequences, three of four adolescents are hit by health restrictions due to violent conflicts.

Many people are unable to pay for enough and sufficient medical care. Their bad health condition is often based on the lack of food, hardly enough medicine and low hygiene standards. Low education often lead to jobs with bad work conditions, particularly if one already suffers from a form of handicap, it is often difficult to escape from this situation and to receive better supply and help.

Disable people have sex too

Many people often ignore the fact that disabled persons also have the desire to enjoy a good sex life.  These thoughts lead to the sad fact that handicapped people often feel less attractive and less worth than healthy people because they do not fit to the idealised picture of our modern society. They are confronted with an high amount of prejudices which often are very disrespectful. Unfortunately, those people hear sentences like „their satisfaction and sexual fulfilment is overrated“, „they do not have 'real' sex anyway“ or that people with a disability should not have children.

Why are people saying that? A disability is a physical restriction which affected persons have in contrast to completely healthy people. This conditions and additional medicine can limit their bodies' sexual function and can lead  to general problems like a sexual Dysfunktion.

The fact that handicapped people, particularly men, also have a sexual desire  has been ignored and avoided by people for decades. Though especially qualified people look after disabled people, they only focus on their health conditions in general, their sexual needs however often are a real taboo.

Why is sex important?

Having sex can have a huge influence on  people with physical restrictions. Mental balance, self esteem and simply  pleasure are supporting their condition and they feel less "different" or handicapped. Should the sexual activity not be possible due to physical problems, a conversation with special doctors can help the affected persons. People have numerous erogenous zones, even if a sexual dysfunction appears. handicapped people can still enjoy touches and stimulation in different ways.

In various books and publications, like "Supporting Sexual Health ", authors are focussing on that issue. They describe what medical centres can do and how they can support their patients  on the way to sexual self-determination. This simple help already shows the affected person that they are valued and respected.

Many handicapped men do not want to accept  that their sexual life should be limited, only because of a physical suffering. No matter whether they get help in special groups, find a partner with a disability or buy a sex doll, there are ways to fullfil their wishes. In the following some points are mentioned, which can support disabled persons and their sex life:

1. Find a handicapped partner

To find a partner who has full understanding for a person on account of his own condition, is probably great for a happy relationship. In today's dating-world disabled persons are often discriminated and excluded. A partner who has experienced similar things truely understand what the other one has been going through and this can be enormously helpful.

2. Special groups for people with handicaps

To get in contact with people who are in a similar situation can be very good for your own health. In special groups, other disabled persons are there to listen to you and understand your feelings.

If you have a disability and are looking for support, start looking for social groups for handicapped people. Find nice people there, maybe even friendships can result out ot those meetings with other affected persons who truely accept you.

3. The purchase of a sex doll

Today, sex dolls are more popular than ever and can be an optimum possibility to get sexual satisfaction. They are more realistically than ever, also handicapped people can enjoy the feeling to have sex with a beautiful woman who is up to everything and will do everything the man wants her to do. Due to their flexibility, physical restrictions of the buyer aren't a problem, they really are an optimum alternative to improve the sex life of a person with health issues.

4. Dating websites for disabled people

Nowadays there are special websites for almost everyone, to find a suitable partner. For handicapped people, special websites like Disability match UK, Whispers4u and Dating4disabled have been created to give them a platform where they can get to know other disabled persons who are also looking for a partner. No matter whether only one short adventure or a long-term relationship is expected, the possibilities are really various.

Of course handicapped people can also join classical dating websites, this is no taboo and they must not only look for separate websites. They can find new friends online just like everybody else, or maybe even their true love.

5. Going to a brothel

Today, brothel visits aren't off limits anymore, and especially for disabled persons, it is often a possibility to experience sexual pleasure if they have no access to other options. Of course it is  important to always use a condom and thinking about safer sex.

In the end, sex lifes of handicapped people still are not equal to those of healthy people. There is an amount of challenges and the affected persons need support. Nevertheless, the aim of sexual self-determination and satisfactionfor everyone should be recognized by every person and be respected by all of us.