The franchise concept of unite three decisive core competencies: showroom, sale of love dolls and Sex Doll Club – with our business concept, you can offer your customers everything in one business.

Our Sex Doll Club and sale of love dolls for daily needs. Our franchise system is the market leader in love doll clubs. Our`s can be found all over the world in attractive locations that are both reputable and inviting to customers.

The market of lifelike dolls is growing steadily worldwide. There are many people who can not afford their own Real Sex Doll or they want to convince themselves before the investment of the quality and sometimes test. Exactly for this target group is the doll4me. The customers can test reputable and discreet Sex Dolls and get the feeling for the love doll.

Be part of the success!

Our competitive strength:

  • with a strong focus on Showroom's and Sex Doll Club's
  • High competence in the field of life-like dolls
  • Demand-oriented assortment and range of services
  • Integration of a Love Doll rental; cheap shipping prices to the customers
  • attractive locations in busy locations
  • - specialist real estate with at least 5 rooms
  • modern and clearly arranged shops from 60 - 100 m²
  • strong consulting and service competence
  • Cheap purchase of Love Dolls as a partner

Our services:

  • Use of the established brand
  • Site realization with a uniform brand appearance (including communication tools and advertising measures)
  • On-site support of franchise partners, internal communication
  • Professional marketing for the franchise partner
  • Creation of outdoor advertisements for the site
  • Determination of staffing requirements, assistance with questions on payroll and management, pricing recommendations, provision of contract templates, category management
  • Training programs, trainings, seminars and lectures
  • National and regional franchisee meetings to exchange information and experience
  • Create your own Professional Internet Site
  • Listing on doll4me and listing on

You should bring that with you:

  • Entrepreneur with sense of responsibility and leadership
  • commercial knowledge and experience in personnel management
  • sales and organizational talent
  • fun in dealing with people and with our assortment
  • Above average commitment
  • Financial means for the entry into the self-employment (Entry costs: 5.000,00 - 12.000,00 Euro) (Monthly fee: 1.500,00 Euro)
  • Willingness to meet the standards of the franchisor

Invest in a new growing market and create your own

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