Doll4me Affiliate-Program

Advertise and make money ...find out how!

You like doll4me?

We love that, and we want to make you a cool offer, something that will even make you some money!
Our Doll4me Affiliate Program makes it possible. Easy, fast and straightforward.
With just a few clicks on your website, you make money with every order in our shop
Does that sound good to you? And you probably want to know what you have to do for it?
It’s pretty simple - you will find all the information here on the page.

Make money with us!

What do you have to do?

  1. Sign-up here on the doll4me Affiliate page. All fields in the registration area must be filled in.
  2. We will get you everything you need. Up-to-date banners as well as our latest and sexiest products. Let your visitors discover a new world with doll4me.
  3. Implement the shop, blog etc. on your page. If you need help, we are happy to help you - just get in touch!
  4. Once you have finalised the implementation successfully, you are a doll4me Affiliate and can now earn up to 35% in commission from every order received and completed.
  5. Log into your registered account and follow your sales live.
  6. Celebrate at the end of the month when your commissions are paid out to you.

To give you a better idea on how it works, here is a small example

Customer "Klaus" visits your site and finds the banner (advertisement) on your site really cool, since he always wanted to buy a Love Doll.


Klaus clicks on the banner embedded on your website. Klaus finds out now. Klaus is very interested in Anna, a very hot love doll.

In this example Anna costs 1500.00 Euro, excluding VAT, the net amount is 1215.00 Euro.
From this order of 1215.00 Euro you can get a commission of up to 35%.
In our example this corresponds to roughly 364.50 Euro That's not bad, is it?

What are you waiting for? Sign-up now!

Sign-up now! Banners

Only after your successful registration you can download our banner via the link "Banners".

Your advantages with doll4me at a glance:

  • A trustworthy contact for Real Sex Doll in Europe
  • Well-known in Germany and abroad, throughout Europe
  • 24-hour-support
  • 30 days tracking per order
  • 15 - 35% commission per sale
  • Live overview of sales in your login area
  • Trendy and well-designed banners
  • Low cancellation rates

  • One-off effort
  • No costs for you
  • Many new promotional offers

Erlebe das doll4me Affiliate-Partnerprogramm und werde doll4me-Partner.

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