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SexDoll Accessoires

On this page you can choose something that suits you and your sex doll out of various products. You can pick between accessories for your love doll such as different wigs or you can get our maintenance and care kits to take care of your new girlfriend or boyfriend, so you can enjoy their company for even longer. If you want to spice things up a little and try something new, you could get one of our shemale inserts for your doll. We are sure you will find the right products for you, so you are ready for an amazing adventure with your love doll.

Your new love doll needs attention and love from you. But, of course, she or he is worth it. For this reason, we have a number of maintenance and care kits in our range, so you can always take proper care of your love doll. From cleaning wipes to glue for Premium TPE to repair small wounds in your sex doll?s skin, we have something for you and your love doll.

To make cleaning your realistic love doll after sex easier, you can purchase a removable vagina insert. You can simply put this vagina insert into your love doll?s vagina before sex and afterwards you just remove it and clean it instead of cleaning the actual doll. In this way, your love doll is always clean.

In addition to our maintenance and care products, we also offer different wigs. Your sex doll looks completely different with a new haircut or with a new hair colour and you can try something new with her. Whether you like long hair, short hair, brown hair or pink hair, we have something for you to mix things up a little. If you are feeling adventurous and are looking for a completely new experience, you can get one of our shemale inserts for our female sex doll. This insert is a penis that you can simply put into your love doll?s vagina and just like that your girlfriend has a penis.

We also offer a huge selection of lubes to make for a wet adventure. The lubes we offer have been chosen by us specifically to go with the materials that our love dolls are made from. You can be sure that the lubes are compatible with your sex doll and not harmful. After all, we do not want the lube breaking down the material of your sex doll.

Have a look around and choose something for your realistic sex doll. Have fun!