Crazy – Sex Doll sells used car on Ebay!

03.11.2017 11:16
Sexdoll sells used Car

The market for used cars is competitive and even cars that are in good condition are not exactly snapped up.

But what to when you’re trying to sell a rust bucket that’s nearly a quarter of a century old? That’s exactly the problem Angus Dean from East Grinstead in England was facing in June 2014. And he had a winning idea: A sex doll was selling his 24-year-old VW Golf on Ebay.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail he had borrowed „Sandy“ from a friend, who wished to remain anonymous. He then positioned the dolly in cheeky postures around his “classic“ and took photos of her all around the car.

His idea soon paid of and the rust bucket sold for £251.67 (ca. 300 Euro) to the highest bidder on 10. June 2014.