Can you save money by buying a sex doll? - Return on investment

20.07.2018 16:38

When you buy a sex doll, you can save 3,280 Dollar a year. A simple overview shows, a sex doll can save such an amount in only one single year. Yes, the price of a luxury-sex doll can be shocking. However, the purchase of such a doll can be a really smart investment! Return on investment is the key:

Here is a text, written by a Silicone Valley bachelor:

“If women have had a bad date, they always say something like: "At least I was in a nice restaurant.“ If men were on a bad date, you will hear: "I have spend that much and did not even have sex!“ We say that, because we believe in something called "ROI " - which means „Return On Investment".

We confess it, we are not looking for a girl just to go out with her, we want to get something in return - we need at least something we can tell our friends.“

What does this show? Men do not always have to pay for expensive restaurants, dates or even prostitutes – why not buying a sex doll instead?

Look at those facts:

  • The average person will spend 20,000 Dollar in 5 years, only to have dates with potential partners.
  • Men and women in the US will have approximately 5,5 years of dating before they marry someone.
  • In this time singles will spend on average 43.50 Dollars per day. If this sum is added up for more than five years, this is about 20,200 Dollar expenses before they finally have a real and strong relationship.
  • If you compare both genders, men invest even more on a daily basis than women. While women spend about 34.29 US Dollars per day, men pay about 65.69 US Dollars.
  • With an estimate number of one date per week and a price of 130 Dollar per day – 100 Dollar for dinner and drinks in a nice restaurant, plus 30 Dollar for two film tickets and popcorn, Dating costs about 23,660 Dollar.

By the way: The average user of a Dating website spends 239 Dollar per year on online memberships.

Dating can be very expensive, right?

Dating is quite expensive, right?