Artificial intelligence Emma – sex robot in high demand

10.04.2018 12:01

Artificial intelligence Emma – sex robot in high demandWe live in the modern age and robots are no longer a distant fantasy. Doll4me always wants to offer our clients the newest and best products with which you can make your love life even more adventurous. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our artificial intelligence Emma.

What is the difference between a sex robot and a regular sex doll?

Emma is a realistic sex robot that has even more to offer than our ‘regular’ realistic sex dolls. At first glance, Emma looks just like our other sex dolls. However, the big difference between them is that you can now have conversations with your girlfriend. When you talk to her, she reacts to your voice and answers you. But this is not the only difference. Emma is handmade from Premium TPE, thermoplastic elastomers, a new type of plastic, like our other realistic sex dolls. You get a just as high-quality and realistic looking sex doll. Emma’s skin not only feels silky smooth, thanks to the integrated temperature regulating system, Emma feels warm just like a real woman.

All these different details come together to create a fantastic experience for you and make your adventures with your sex robot even more realistic.

Why should I buy a sex robot?

Indeed, the main reason people buy a sex robot is because having sex with an artificially intelligent sex doll feels much more realistic and is therefore more enjoyable than with a ‘regular’ sex doll. However, this is not the only reason why people are interested in robot love dolls.

Just like our other love dolls, you can customise your very own robot love doll to your wishes. You can design your new girlfriend from head to toe and have your ideal woman at home.

While some people find it not hard at all to have a relationship with another person, others struggle. With a robot love doll you can practise talking to a woman at home without any pressure. Your sex robot is your perfect woman.

Convince yourself and have a look at our artificial intelligence Emma.