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More wigs - Realistic Sex Doll - more variety

Here you will find a huge selection of different wigs in different cuts and colours. Whether long or short, natural or a little more flashy for a change, we have got the right model for you and your realistic sex doll.

A new wig can give your realistic sex doll a completely different look. You have had your SexDoll for a long time and would like to spice things up a little but do not want to buy a new realistic sex doll? Why don't you just get a new wig? A new haircut or a new hair colour actually make a super big difference. It doesn't even have to be both a new haircut and new hair colour. Even just a new cut or just a new hair colour for your realistic sex doll will be a huge change.

All wigs that we offer for you and your sex doll here on our website fit all our realistic sex dolls. No matter which material your Sex doll is from, be it silicon, Premium TPE Silicone Sex Doll or Lassiefay Premium TPE Real Sex Doll, the new wig will fit and suit your girlfriend very well.

Not only the look of the wig will convince you. You will also be amazed by the quality of our wigs. The new velvety-soft hair of your realistic sex doll will not only look great, but you will also want to spend all day playing with your girlfriend's hair.

Choose the perfect model for you and your realistic sex doll and spice things up a little with a new wig.