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What Exactly Is Premium TPE Sex Doll?

Thermoplastic Elastomers Real Sex Doll

Thermoplastic elastomers, abbreviation TPE Sex Doll, are plastics that behave just like common elastomers at room temperature. At room temperature, elastomer keep their shape while also keeping their elastic properties. As soon as you stop pushing or pulling on them, elastomers return into their original shape. The difference between TPE Love Doll and elastomers is that ? unlike elastomers ? TPE Sex Doll can be shaped by adding heat to them. Thus, they exhibit thermoplastic properties.

In the production of TPE Love Sex Dolls, elastic polymer chains are bound into thermoplastic material. This is an entirely physical process. Through heat and shear forces, i.e. deformation, thermoplastic elastomers become liquid and can then be shaped with extrusion and injection moulding. Afterwards the material is cooled down, which gives the product its final shape.

Unlike different types of caoutchouc, which is produced thorough a chemical process, thermoplastic elastomers can be unbound with heat. Afterwards they can be re-used in production. This also means that there is less waste material since the thermoplastic elastomers can simply be used again.

A huge advantage of thermoplastic elastomers is that they are almost entirely without any scent and that they can thus be used in a variety of areas such as in the food sector. Furthermore, TPE Real Sex Doll can be coloured easily making TPE Real Doll products very versatile. Another advantage are the hypoallergenic properties of TPE Real life Dolls. Even in direct contact with the body, as is the case with Love Dolls, TPE Sex Doll are safe and not harmful.