Lassiefay - Premium TPE 2.0

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About Lassiefay Premium TPE 2.0 Sex Dolls

Lassiefay is a new type of Premium TPE Sex Doll material. We at doll4me developed Lassiefay in Germany, in order to provide our customers with an even more realistic experience. Lassiefay Premium TPE Sex Dolls is a high-quality material that does not smell of anything.

Since Lassiefay Premium TPE has a much lower oil content than other materials, which are used in the production of Love Doll, you no longer have to powder your Sex Dolls in order to bind the oil. The skin of a Lassiefay Premium TPE Love Doll feels incredibly real and human-like from the very beginning without you having to do anything. Through several tests on the materials that other manufacturers use, we were able to confirm that the oil content of Lassiefay is up to four times lower than is the case in other materials.

By using Lassiefay Premium TPE, we can produce Sex Dolls whose bodies and head are very detailed and realistic Sex Dolls looking and who also feel incredibly natural.

In order to create a human-like Love Doll, we take casts from vulvas. These casts are then used in our Lassiefay Premium TPE Love Dolls.

The moulds for all Lassiefay Premium TPE Love Dolls shown in the pictures on our website were developed by us here at doll4me.

The Love Dolls from our Lassiefay Premium TPE range all wear makeup that cannot be washed away with water or another liquid and is thus permanently on your Sex Dolls.

All these fantastic characteristics make Lassiefay Premium TPE the perfect material for your Love Doll.