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Sex with Love Dolls – The German city of Bamberg presents the first
15.11.2017 09:01 | Comments 0
Love Doll brothel with showroom Each to their own ... In the German city of Bamberg men can now have fun with life-size sex dolls. According to managing director Kevin Almatinger the company Doll4me from Tauberbischofsheim now offers a brothel with a showroom called "doll4me club" . It kicks off with six different doll models of dolls, more ...
Crazy – Sex Doll sells used car on Ebay!
03.11.2017 11:16 | Comments 0
The market for used cars is competitive and even cars that are in good condition are not exactly snapped up. But what to when you’re trying to sell a rust bucket that’s nearly a quarter of a century old? That’s exactly the problem Angus Dean from East Grinstead in England was facing in June 2014. And he had a winning idea: A sex doll was more ...