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Sex Love Dolls from 100 to 125 cm

You enjoy classic features such as long hair, large breasts, a big butt but they are not a decisive criterion when it comes to selecting the perfect Sex Doll for you? For many doll lovers, the size of their new Real Sex Doll can be the most important point to consider. Some just like tall women, some think small women are really sexy. And that is exactly why we offer small Love Dolls that are between 100 to 125 cm.

In case you have to keep the price of your Love Doll in mind, a Love Doll from 100 to 125 cm might just be perfect for you. Due to their small, petite bodies, these Love Dolls cost less than larger Real Sex Dolls. Furthermore, small Love Dolls are lighter, making it incredibly easy for you to put her into a different position. The big advantage of Real Sex Dolls of this size is that they have all features you know and love in taller women but they are simply smaller.